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Current and Upcoming Webinars

Export Opportunities for U.S. Forest Product Manufacturers

Export opportunities for U.S. forest product manufacturers - webinarBooming Asian markets have come on strong over the last year, saving many coastal Canadian and American mills. If you’ve wondered how your forest products business might tap into these lucrative markets with your own wood exports, but have no idea where to start (or even if your products are in demand), then we have a webinar you do not want to miss.

Paul Owen of Vanport International, one of America’s top exporters, covers:

– Four high-growth Asian countries to focus on right now, and some new and returning markets you need to keep an eye on;
– What’s hot: the fiber and species currently in demand and the size, types and grades of lumber these countries are looking for;
– Cultural characteristics and the future of each of these markets;
– And much more.

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Will 2012 be the Year You Start Exporting?

Will 2012 be the year you start exporting?With the North American housing market continuing to limp along, with starts returning to the one million mark in 2015, some in the lumber industry are turning to both traditional and new overseas markets. These markets are both short term and long term and vary with the world and regional economies.

Craig Larsen, president of the Softwood Export Council, addresses:

– The international markets that are likely to be long term buyers of NA wood;
– The kinds of softwood lumber products used in international markets; and
– Why you have to think outside the box if you really want to succeed in these markets.

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