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We want to help you grow your forest products business. That’s why the partnerships we cultivate at Forest Business Network do just that. Take a moment to browse our partnerships to see how you can (seriously) gain from our network.

Waste to Wisdom: Utilizing Forest Residues for the Production of Bioenergy and Biobased Products

FBN joins Humboldt State University, along with 14 other regional partners, in receipt of a $5.88 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct innovative biomass research. The research goal is to produce bioenergy and biobased products through effective utilization of forest residues using biomass conversion technologies (BCTs) and optimized biomass operations logistics. The outcomes from this project will make positive impacts on the forest and energy sectors by 1) reducing US dependence on imported energy, 2) improving the environment, and 3) promoting economic development in rural, forest-dependent communities in the Western United State (U.S.). This project will result in important changes in forest management and energy policy in the U.S. FBN is tasked with conducting outreach and public relations efforts over the duration of the project.

Loans for Sustainable Forest Businesses

ShadeFund provides loans for sustainable forest businessesAre you in need of capital to grow your sustainable forest products business? ShadeFund is a loan program launched by The Conservation Fund and the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities that helps sustainable forest product companies get much-needed funds. A ShadeFund loan can help you get additional capital for the purposes of certification, new equipment, additional inventory, or operational costs.

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Building an Aviation Biofuels Industry in the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Advanced Renewables AllianceWoody biomass and the forest businesses that work with it may hold the key to a new industry. The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) aims to address the urgent national need for a domestic biofuel alternative for U.S. commercial and military air fleets by creating a viable aviation biofuel industry in the Pacific Northwest. NARA was a sponsor of the 2013 Small Log Conference (March 13-15) where they updated the forest products industry on their achievements to date.

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