Testimonials — Small Log Conference

Bob Swandby, Idaho Commerce

“This was my first Small Log Conference. I had heard about it from a few other folks, but I want you to know that the quality and diversity of information I learned from the speakers exceeded my expectations. The Conference’s willingness to forge into areas where folks don’t necessarily agree, but can begin understanding each other’s point of view will, I hope, lead to some powerful collaborations as the timber and woody biomass industries undergo further changes.”

Crystal Larder, Mountain Meadow Contracting Ltd.

“The conference surpassed all expectations and we are so happy to have attended. I met many interesting people whom I plan to keep in touch with and I know my Dad did as well. What a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered together in one place! I’ve especially enjoyed the book that was put out on the last day. Not only does it list the contacts for every supplier and attendee but  having each speaker’s presentation included helps to cement all that information in my mind. Thanks to you for the personal touch you added to the experience. I’m confident we’ll cross paths again in the future.”

Ed Mayer, General Manager, HewSaw Machines Inc.

“Let’s think about this conference – where else do you get necessary mix of diverse fields of expertise all discussing real-life issues in one forum? Sharing concerns and opportunities from all perspectives will be the key to progress on going forward in the industry that effect most North Americans either in their work or personal environment. The Small Log Conference is the first I came across and I have seen the results, these conferences are vital to my business future as well as my overall future well-being. It’s beneficial value far exceeds any cost or time investment to attend or participate in. Current topics and issues are presented by industry leaders along with exposing the latest developments to learn exactly where our industry is at, where it is going and what opportunities are and will be available. At the very least I will attend each time this conference is held and recommend to anyone which sees their future working in this industry to also attend.”

Chuck Roady, Vice President / General Manager, F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Co.

“I believe the Small Log Conference is a very worthwhile event. Each time I have attended, I learned a few new ideas and made a few new key contacts related to our business. We definitely plan on having someone from our company attend the 2009 Conference.”

Laura Hubbard, Idaho State Director, The Nature Conservancy

“The Small Log Conference was an incredible opportunity for me to network with diverse timber interests, learn about the challenges and innovations in the industry and begin identifying areas of common interest. I intend to attend future Small Log Conferences as I not only learned a ton, saw some great country, met wonderful folks but also had fun. I’d recommend this conference to anyone who works with the timber industry and wants to learn about the products and people of the timber industry.”

Ed Smith, Montana Hydraulics, LLC, Round Wood Systems

“First Class – the entire conference was top notch. We learned a lot of timely information and were able to use it at once. The panel discussions were led by industry and business professionals that led to real world answers.”