5 reasons why you can benefit from the wood export content at the Small Log Conference

5 reasons why you can benefit from the wood export content at the Small Log ConferenceThe Small Log Conference features wood exports as one of its three major focus areas. If you’d like to open new markets for your products overseas, here are just a few reasons why you should attend the conference this March 13-15.

1. Eighteen (18) Chinese and South Korean log and lumber importers are attending!

If you’ve been considering selling to international customers, or if your company needs to increase sales, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet prospective buyers without travelling internationally. You’ll get your foot in the door with (15) Chinese and (3) S. Korean wood importers and ultimately start building relationships that can lead to new business. Read more about the buyers, what they’re looking for, and their goals for the conference.

Things to keep in mind…

  • These buyers are actively seeking to expand their imports of U.S. wood products and are in search of new species and wood sources. Find out more.
  • Asian companies prefer to first build relationships before engaging in trade with companies they don’t know. The Small Log Conference offers a very unique and affordable opportunity to start building that trust.
  • Chinese forest product professionals value tradeshow exhibit displays as a measure of a company’s fitness and reputation. Register for an exhibit space today and put your company’s best foot forward.
  • Get $50 off the cost of attendee passes — only until Feb. 13!

2. Meet an internationally-recognized expert in new market strategies

Arnie Sherman is the Executive Director of the Montana World Trade Center, and has worked and traveled in more than 70 countries. Arnie is also President of Global Development Services, an international representational and advisory firm. Arnie will be personally leading the delegation of Asian lumber buyers.

3. One of the top exporters in the U.S. is exhibiting

Get to know the folks at Vanport International — a company that’s a U.S. leader in wood exports. You can join them as an exhibitor!

4. Meet Xu Fang, Director of American Softwoods China

Xu is an expert in both the Chinese and North American softwood lumber markets. He’s a super nice guy to boot and is always willing to give advice and to help make the connections that create new business. He’ll be translating for the Chinese lumber buyers, so you’ll be in good hands as you introduce yourself and your company to buyers in this high-growth market. Xu is also a guest speaker in our wood exports panel. You won’t want to miss his presentation.

5. Get acquainted with the Softwood Export Council (SEC)

Meet staff members of the SEC (they’ll have an exhibit booth) and discover the many resources they offer those looking to export. One valuable resource you can learn more about — how you can travel overseas on softwood product trade and sales missions, and to large international softwood lumber trade shows, at 75% off the cost of the trips.

Get $50 off the cost of attendee passes — only until Feb. 13!