Committee — 2013 Small Log Conference

The leading event in small diameter timber utilization, coupled with new focus areas in wood-based biofuels and wood exports commands the top minds in the industry. We’re proud to introduce our 2013 co-chairs and steering committee.


Mike Jostrom, Director of Renewable Resources
Plum Creek Timber Company
Seattle, WA

Rick Larson, Director
The Conservation Fund/ShadeFund
NC Program Director, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Chapel Hill, NC

Steering Committee

Russ Vaagen, Vice President
Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc.
Colville, WA

Eric Schooler, CEO
The Collins Companies
Portland, OR

Francis Fournier, Director/Manager, Lumber Manufacturing Technology
Quebec, QC

Michael P. Wolcott, Ph.D. Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Institute for Sustainable Design
Washington State University
Pullman, WA

David Parcell, Client Service Vice President
GfK Custom Research North America
San Francisco, CA

Arnie Sherman, Executive Director
Montana World Trade Center
Missoula, MT

Anthony Rodriquez, Project Coordinator
Montana World Trade Center
Missoula, MT

John R. (Rusty) Dramm, Sawmill Improvement & Utilization Specialist
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory (U.S. Forest Service, USDA)
Madison, WI

Craig Rawlings, CEO and President
Forest Business Network
Missoula, MT

Arnie Didier, Chief Operating Officer
Forest Business Network
Missoula, MT

Tom Waddell, VP-Marketing & Sales
Forest Business Network
Missoula, MT