Japanese and Taiwanese Trade Delegation — 2015 Small Log Conference

Japanese Delegates

Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting
Tokyo, Japan
Established: 1979
Website: www.murc.jp/english
Main interests for the Idaho visit: Market and policy trends in the USA and other countries.

Meiken Lamwood Corp.
Okayama, Japan
Established: 1923
Website: www.meikenkogyo.com
Total revenue: Above US$100 million
Number of employees: 201-300
Main products: Glue-laminated timber, lumber, wood pellets
Main markets: Eastern Asia
Main species imported from American companies: Douglas fir
Main sizes imported from American companies: 34×127 for laminar
Main interests for the Idaho visit: Douglas fir KD 34×95 from small log
Annual Imports from America: 50 containers, 900,000 US$
The largest glue-laminated timber supplier in Japan. Also the largest wood pellet supplier in Japan. Meiken was established in 1923 as a small sawmill and now has one of the world’s largest glue-lam factories. Their motto is “Create new value to society.”

Products and services

  • Glue-laminated timber
  • Solid lumber
  • CLT
  • Wooden stucture (consulting)
  • Wood pellets

Factories and mills in Japan

  • 2 glue-lam factories
  • 3 sawmills

Taiwanese Delegates

United Forestry Products Corp.
Xianxi Township, Taiwan
Established: 1999 (from the merger of four factories, each with over 20 years of history)
Annual sales: US$33 million
Number of employees: 120
Operations: One re-manufacturing plant, one warehouse and 5 distribution centers island wide
Commodity sales division: Packaging and pallet materials; construction materials; joinery materials and log sales
Building materials division: Interior decorating materials, wood frame house; landscaping; panels and LVL
Imported species:

  • WRC
  • whitewood
  • SYP
  • SPF
  • slash pine
  • redwood
  • radiata pine
  • ponderosa pine
  • hem-fir
  • ECL
  • Douglas fir

Main interests for the Idaho visit: UFPC takes all Western species in different grades, plus plywood for furniture, building materials, and construction uses

Fancywood Co., LTD
Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Established: 1985
Currently purchasing:

  • Plywood and alder
  • Hardwood species for mainly furniture customers in Taiwan, Vietnam and China
  • Fir and pine species for furniture and building materials uses

The company is currently importing alder and several other hardwood species from U.S. suppliers, and is new to Idaho.