Agenda – 2014 SmallWood Conference

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Note: SAF CFE credits are available. Here’s the total:

  • June 3 – Pre-conference tour Cat 1 – CF 4.0
  • June 4 – Conference Day 1 Cat 1 – CF 6.0
  • June 5 – Conference Day 2 Cat 1 – CF 6.0


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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6:00am7:00am: Industry tour registration, continental breakfast and exhibitor appreciation (exhibit hall)


Pre-Conference Forest Product Industry Tours
(Pre-registration is required and only available for registered attendees)

  • Cost: $100 per person (only available for registered attendees)
  • Lunch and transportation provided (pick up from the Kahler Grand Hotel)

Tour A: Lambert Forest Products, Stella-Jones, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
Tour B: Ashley Furniture, Wenonah Canoe, Tuohy Furniture Corporation

5:30pm7:30pm: Check-in and casual welcome, networking reception in the exhibit hall (cash bar)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

7:00am8:00am: Registration, continental breakfast and exhibitor appreciation (exhibit hall)

General Session:

8:00amOpening Remarks — Ian MacFarlane, Conference Chair
8:10am — Minnesota Greeting
8:20amWelcome, and Update on Minnesota Forest Resources — Forrest Boe, Minnesota State Forester
8:50amThinking Like a Forest: Collaboration, Innovation and Markets to Ensure a Brighter Future — Carlton Owen, U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities
9:20amMaximize Your Networking and Social Media Presence at SmallWood — Iris Montague, Research Forester, USDA Forest Service

9:50am10:30am — Networking break (with refreshments)


Track A: Forest Watershed Protection
Track leader: Patrick Rappold — Wood Utilization and Marketing Specialist, Arizona State Forestry

  1. Integrating the Private Sector into Watershed Protection — Eric Carlson, President & CEO, Empire State Forest Products Association
  2. SRP: A Water and Power Utility Perspective on Forest Health — Ed Baker, Senior Communications Strategist, Water Rights and Contracts, Salt River Project and Rebecca Davidson, Senior Analyst, Water Rights & Contracts, Salt River Project
  3. Implementation of Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines for Watershed Protection — Robert Slesak, Site Level Program Manager, MN Forest Resources Council

Track B: Natural Disaster Response
Track leader: Charles W. Becker — Utilization and Marketing Manager, Virginia Dept. of Forestry

  1. Municipal Tree Disaster: A Personal Experience — Steve Bratkovich, Project Manager, Recycling & Reuse, Dovetail Partners Inc.
  2. St. Croix Valley Blowdown Response and Lessons Learned — Jeremy Fauskee, Sandstone Area Forest Supervisor, MN DNR – Forestry
  3. Hurricane Sandy and New Jersey’s Forests’ Recovery, Restoration and Resilience — Bob Williams, Owner and Founder, Pine Creek Forestry

12:00pm1:00pm — Lunch and exhibitor appreciation


Track A: Wood to Energy
Track leaders: Jennifer Hedrick — Executive Director, Pellet Fuels Institute — and Brian Brashaw — Director, Wood Materials and Manufacturing Program, Natural Resources Research Institute

  1. Biomass Overview — Robert Cleaves, Biomass Power Association
  2. Status of Biomass Thermal — Adam Sherman, Manager, Biomass Energy Resource Center
  3. The Nascent Cellulosic Biofuels Industry in the U.S. — Steven R. Thomas, Technology Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

Track B: Emerging Markets
Track leader/moderator: Craig Rawlings — President & CEO, Forest Business Network

  1. P3Nano: A Joint Venture Between the Endowment and USFS Forest Products Lab — Carlton Owen, President & CEO, U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities
  2. Nanocellulose Research Program at the USDA Forest Products Lab — Alan Rudie, Supervisory Research Chemist, USDA Forest Products Lab
  3. What are we missing when we don’t know what we don’t know? — Lynne Osterman, Managing Director, NanoVox

2:30pm–3:00pm — Networking break (with refreshments)


Track A: Urban Forestry
Track leader: Dusty Moller — Wood Utilization Manager, University of Nevada Reno

  1. Mechanized Removal and Processing of Urban Trees — Don Peterson, President, Renewable Resource Solutions LLC
  2. Urban Logging: An Urban Forester’s Perspective — Rebecca Lane, Urban Forester, City of Oak Creek, WI
  3. Full Circle Urban Forestry — Edith Makra, Director of Environmental Initiatives, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, Chicago, IL
  4. Assessing Commodity Values of Urban Forests and Other Utilization Items of Interest — Ed Cesa, USFS (Presentation co-authors: Dave MacFarland, Michigan State University, and Sam Sherrill, author of Harvesting Urban Timber)
  5. Managing the Urban Forest: An Urban Forester’s Challenge — Matt Koepnick, Urban Forester, Racine, WI

Track B: Green Building
Track leader: Paul E. Frederick — Wood Utilization Forester, VT Department of Forests, Parks & Rec.

  1. WoodWorks: Leading Material Decision Makers to Wood Solutions — Jennifer Cover, Executive Director, WoodWorks
  2. The Carbon Challenge: Methods for Designers to Compare Building Materials — Mary Uher, Engineered Wood Specialist, APA – The Engineered Wood Association
  3. The National Green Building Standard: Game Changer for Residential Green Certifications — Michelle Desiderio, Director, Green Building Programs, Home Innovation Research Labs

6:00pm: Outdoor Hog Roast and networking event — Rochester Peace Plaza


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

7:00am8:00am: Registration, continental breakfast and exhibitor appreciation (exhibit hall)

General Session:

8:00am — Opening Remarks — Ian MacFarlane, Conference Chair
8:10am — Update on Social Media Interaction at the Conference — Iris Montague, Research Forester, USDA Forest Service
8:20am — Should We Allow Our Industry to Be Defined by Its Critics? — David Parcell, VP of Communications, Forest Business Network
8:50am — USFS Stewardship Contracts, Successes and Uncertainties — Rob Davis, Owner, Forest Energy Corporation
9:30am — Community Biomass Handbook and Wood Energy Financial App — Dennis R. Becker, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

10:00am10:30am — Networking break (with refreshments)


Track A: Invasive Insects and Diseases: Threats to and/or Opportunities for the Forest Industry
Track leader: Don Peterson — President, Renewable Resource Solutions, LLC

  1. EAB and the Michigan Experience: Promoting Forest Products during Crisis — Jessica Simons, Consultant, Verdant Stewardship, LLC
  2. Leaving EAB Behind: Processing Ash to Mitigate the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer — Anna Healy, Director of Operations, Adaptive Restoration LLC
  3. Wood Utilization Options for Urban Trees Infested by Invasive Species — Brian Brashaw, Program Director, University of Minnesota Duluth

Track B: Policy
Track leader: Lew McCreery — Woody Biomass Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service

  1. The Future Use of Forest Resources — Carol Werner, Executive Director, Environment and Energy Study Institute
  2. Manufacturing Policy and Impacts on Small Business — Richard McCormack, Editor, Manufacturing and Technology News
  3. On The Horizon: Climate Change, Energy and Carbon Policies – Drivers of Change — Al Steele, Physical Scientist, USDA Forest Service – Climate Change and Carbon Policy

12:00pm1:30pm — Lunch and exhibitor appreciation


Track A: Landscape Stewardship
Track leader: Steve Vongroven — Utilization and Marketing, Minnesota DNR

  1. White Mountain Stewardship Project: Successes and Lessons Learned — Jim Zornes, Forest Supervisor, U.S. Forest Service
  2. Midwest Story of Landscape Stewardship Contracting — Victoria Hahka, Stewardship Contracting Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service
  3. Monitoring Stewardship Contracts — Chelsea P. McIver, Research Associate- Forest Industry Research, Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Track B: International Forest Products Marketing
Track leader: Rusty Dramm — Program Manager, Forest Products Marketing Unit, Forest Products Laboratory

  1. The New Viking Age for North American Hardwoods — Lloyd Irland, President, The Irland Group
  2. American Hardwoods and the Globalization of the Wood Products Industry — Mike Snow, Executive Director, American Hardwood Export Council
  3. Developing Export Markets in a Global Economy — Tim Kassis, Export Division Manager, Kretz Lumber Company

3:00pm–3:30pm — Networking break (with refreshments)


Track A: Tribal Enterprises Forest Products
Track leader: Sue LeVan-Green — Retired, FPL Volunteer, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

  1. Managing Value Through Stewardship — Dean Fellman, Director, Center for First Americans Forestlands, College of Menominee Nation
  2. Revitalization of White Mountain Apache Forest Industries — Gary Cantrell, CEO, Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.
  3. Forest Service Update on Tribal Outreach, Coordination, and Collaboration — Estelle J. Bowman, Acting Director, Office of Tribal Relations/USFS

Track B: Infrastructure protection and forest restoration
Track leader: Mark Knaebe — Natural Resources Specialist, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

  1. Healthy Industry, Healthy Forest: A Wyoming Case Study — Josh Van Vlack, WY State Forestry
  2. The Influence of Soil Bulk Density and Climate Factors on Wood Quality of Douglas Fir Trees — Carl Morrow, Post-Doctoral Researcher/Instructor, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho
  3. Impacts and Implications of the Woody Biomass Utilization Grant Program in Eastern Arizona — Anne Mottek Lucas, Consultant, Mottek Consulting

5:00pm8:30pm: (Optional) “Thursdays on First & 3rd Summer Market and Music Festival.” Enjoy live bands, 125 vendors, tons of great food, and a warm Minnesota evening on Rochester’s beautiful Peace Plaza. View the 2014 flyer.

Conference ends and attendees/exhibitors depart.

Friday, June 6, 2014

7:00am3:00pm: NAASF Forest Utilization Committee 2014 Business Meeting

Presentation on Thermally Modified Wood research being done at the University of Minnesota-Duluth-Natural Resources Research Institute.

NAASF FUC Business Meeting:

  1. Federal Reports
  2. State Reports
  3. Proposed Draft Resolutions
  4. Proposed Issue Briefs
  5. Review of 2014 & 2015 Work Plans


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