Green Ton Converter

When referencing biomass, do you talk in green tons and other people talk bone dry tons? With growing markets for energy wood and expanding trade in dead material with a low moisture content, there are more business situations where forest products and services are traded on a bone dry ton basis. This biomass green ton converter is an easy tool for $/ton and weight translations.


How to use it:

  1. Know the moisture content. Wet basis moisture content is calculated as the weight of water divided by the total weight of the wood and water. An easy way to think of it is the % of load weight that is water. A load that weighs 26 green tons at 50% moisture content will have 13 tons of water and 13 tons of wood.
  2. Pick the translation box that you need in the areas below. There are four different translations provided.
  3. Type in the numbers you know into the textboxes (like $/green ton and moisture content) and hit ENTER.
  4. The converted value will be displayed to the right of the textbox.

% (for example, type in 30 for 30%, not 0.30)

$/Green Ton ➔ $/Dry Ton

/ green ton = / bone dry ton

$/Dry Ton ➔ $/Green Ton

/ bone dry ton = / green ton

Green Tons ➔ Dry Tons

green tons = bone dry tons

Bone Dry Tons ➔ Green Tons

bone dry tons = green tons

The basic formula is $/bone dry ton = $/green ton / (1-MC/100) OR green tons = bone dry tons / (1-MC/100). This converter was developed by the Forest Operations Research Unit, U.S. Forest Service and partners at Forest Business Network.