Powerful GPS maps for foresters, consultants, landowners, hunters…

An inexpensive and robust tool that’s simple and easy to use

You won’t need IT support for this tool. Hunting GPS brand maps easily allow you to determine your position in relation to public or private property boundaries, find new access, know landowner names and ranch boundaries, and more! Endorsed by numerous state and federal agencies.

  • Landowner names with property boundaries
  • Color-coded public and private lands with section lines and parcel boundaries
  • Up to 24K topographical functionality (for digital maps only)
  • BLM, state land, USFS, US Fish & Wildlife, BIA, DOD/COE – US Gov, local government, National Park Service, timber companies
  • Geographic names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc.)
  • Locate yourself on paper maps easily
  • Roads – city, hwy, county, forest service, back roads and trails
  • Water data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
  • And much, much more!

See your position relative to public and private land boundaries. For example, if you are on a BLM section, your current location will show up on a yellow background. If you are on private land, your current location will show on a white background. Have statewide ownership and topo map data everywhere you go. Use all the mapping device platforms for the ultimate mapping experience!


Gary Ellingson

“For an old school guy like me, I was able to load this on my gps unit myself and within an hour I was in the field using it. This is a very powerful and easy tool to use at a great price.”

Gary Ellingson
Area Forester, Northwest Management, Inc.