Mass timber design for multifamily housing

Historic neighborhoods such as the Mission District have become battlegrounds of cultural identity and gentrification. Low-income residents are vulnerable targets for displacement, while consequential existing buildings are under constant threat of demolition due to both deterioration and new construction.

Our concept design for Mission: Housing showcases mass timber products as a tool for alternative development, providing additional housing in the heart of the city that does not require demolition of existing structures or displacement of existing residents. The El Capitan Theater & Hotel, built in the Mexican Baroque Churrigueresque style, is one of many exquisite yet neglected historic resources at risk. The original theater was demolished and used as a parking lot, while the hotel was converted into a single resident occupancy (SRO) dwelling. Building atop the original building with strategic intrusions to the existing structure embraces the affordability of its current use while reconnecting the site to the surrounding community.