Pellet stove prowess

When it comes to pellet stoves, there isn’t a model in existence that Scott Williamson hasn’t worked on. Over the past 13-plus years, he built his company, Pellet Stove Service, from the ground up, and has made tens of thousands of service calls—reaching 25,000 back in 2013. Self-taught, he’s one of New England’s go-to guys when it comes to stove installation, troubleshooting and repair.

Williamson’s pellet stove sector debut began in 2005, when his mother-in-law was struggling to find a technician to fix her stove. “That’s where I came in—I thought I would give it a try,” he says. After that success, via word-of-mouth at his mother-in-law’s breakfast diner, Williamson began to get calls from others wanting their stoves worked on, too. “Then I moved to Craigslist ads,” he says. “And if I couldn’t fix it, I didn’t charge them. I looked at it as going to school, and really started to learn how to work on them.”