Forest industry in the Northeast

After a few years of market turmoil, the Northeast’s forest industry is showing signs of stability and some real opportunities for growth.  We’re not out of the dark days yet – and in all likelihood we’ll lose some mills that use low-grade wood in the next year – but the markets are providing returns for landowners and real efforts are underway to find the next generation of uses for our forest resource.



  1. Eric says, “Biomass, used for the production of electricity, is important by volume, but in reality provides little economic return to the landowner.”

    That’s true in the short term but in the long term the economic value of the forest will be much greater if low value wood that has no chance of developing into high value timber is removed. Since the future stand will be worth more- we could calculate the net present value of that future benefit. So, in that sense, biomass does provide a return to the owner- the same way buying a treasury bond does- a bond that won’t mature for decades.
    Joe Zorzin
    MA Forester License #261
    “practicing forestry for 45 years”