Climate Change Theory – more focus needs to be on pollution

Climate Change caused by human activity is a theory. Is it possible that human activity is influencing the earth’s climate? Sure. Is it probable that it’s having an effect on our climate? It seems likely. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a theory. Basing a movement on a theory and calling those that question it “deniers” or implying that people are somehow less intelligent if they challenge the argument is not productive. In fact, it’s divisive.

I believe that pollution of all types is the issue at hand. Our collective interest is to have a clean environment. Why aren’t we more focused on that? If someone doesn’t believe in human-caused climate change yet wants to do things to improve the environment by reducing pollution that should be applauded. Another person believes passionately that human-caused carbon pollution is causing climate change and does the same things as the other person, what’s the difference? If these efforts don’t fix climate change, but they make the area around us better, isn’t that a good thing?