2017: The year wood construction grew like a weed

Because we are not called TreeHugger for nothing.

Looking back on 2017 it is hard to know where to start, there was so much happening. It’s the year that wood construction really went mainstream, everywhere. We are not even going to discuss the fantasy projects, just the real stuff being built by real architects. Because we are past gawking at models and renderings, things are getting built!

We started the year with the Patch22 building in Amsterdam, which is a sort of hybrid building; the Catch22 of the Patch22 is that the floors are steel and concrete because they couldn’t get around fire protection requirements at a reasonable price. But there’s lots to love here with its Open Building concept. And really, what’s not to love about a bathtub on the balcony? More in TreeHugger: Tallest wood-framed building in the Netherlands wins a WAN award


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