Timber industry expert talks about forest issues

The third and last talk in the recent lecture series being held at the North Valley Library in Stevensville featured Pyramid Mountain Lumber Resource Manager Gordy Sanders. The lecture series was created in response to the many comments on social media and elsewhere about the fires last season and was organized by Margaret Gorski.

Sanders has earned an impressive set of awards over the years, some from the industry and some from conservation groups such as the Five Valleys Land Trust and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. He helped craft the state’s Streamside Management Act and the state’s Best Management Practices. He has worked in the timber industry all his life, at first for entities like Anaconda Forest Products, Champion International, and Plum Creek Timber, before going to work for Pyramid Mountain Lumber in Seeley. He likes working for a family-owned operation and has stuck with them for the past 20 years.


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