Bringing cross laminated timber home

The setting is raw and open. Huge blocks of sunlight shift through 20-foot tall windows. The Oregonian used to print newspapers here. Winch trolleys, reminiscent of freight train wheels, roll along heavy steel hoist beams hanging high above the floor from massive concrete girders. Now THIS is a place to be inspired.

In the midst of this scene, the construction of SRG’s future office is taking place. The space is vast enough that last week’s installation of the new mezzanine floor brings a welcome and elegant human proportion. The deck structure is, of course, Cross Laminated Timber. What other material could be so warm, inviting, singular, and connect us directly to our forested bioregion? The 3-ply panels are strong, made of Douglas fir boards selected especially for their strength; here they achieve over 5 feet of cantilever. We will walk directly on them, a natural resin finish protecting them from stains. We expect wear to appear gradually in the softwood, to celebrate use and the passing of time.


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