Massive factory planned for CLT lumber components in Washington State

Katerra, a high tech construction firm, will open a new factory in Spokane Valley, Washington, where it will produce mass timber products including cross-laminated timber (CLT) and Glulam. The materials will be used in its modular building manufacturing process.

Katerra has been laying the groundwork for the Washington State venture, in June acquiring Nystrom Olson, a Spokane boutique architectural studio specializing in socially and environmentally sustainable modernist architecture. Katerra is already applying its high-tech construction techniques to manufacture building sections in a Phoenix factory, in processes similar to auto plant plants.

It uses CR Onsrud and Laguna machinery, and fabricates rooms and building sections, incuding cabinetry, plumbing and wiring. The advanced manufacturing lines can produce a 24-unit garden style walk-up every two weeks (600 apartments per year); cabinets and countertops for 15,000 apartments per year (41 apartments per day); and 12,000 door assemblies per year (33 apartments per day).