Forest stewardship keeps Georgia grandmother independent 

Sandra Cummings is an African American woman who is a part owner of two forested landscapes in Georgia. Her first property, 325 acres of land with a home in the city of Madison, was passed down by her maternal great-grandmother, who was born a slave. The second property consists of 165 acres of land in the town of Portal, which was passed down by her paternal grandfather.

To ensure that the family’s ancestral land remains intact, Mrs. Cummings and her family decided to put it into an irrevocable trust to prevent their children and grandchildren from dividing and selling it. “You see, they didn’t grow up in the dirt like we did,” she said. “We grew up working those farmlands, picking cotton, tobacco, planting watermelon. We were able to see the benefits of having this land. My children and grandchildren did not.”


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