College uncovers carbon stock in its trees

Ever wondered how much carbon the trees on your premises have absorbed and stored in them? In a first-of-its-kind attempt, St Joseph’s College (SJC) in Trichy has measured the ‘Carbon Sequestration’ potential of age-old trees on its campus. The researchers found that an estimated 643 metric tonnes of carbon is stored in the biomass above and below the ground on the college premises.

“The campus has given abode to 181 mature trees belonging to 30 species among which some are close to 100 year old. It is estimated that the above ground biomass amounts to 1013 MT and below ground biomass is 274 MT in the standing trees on the campus. Total biomass is 1287 MT and total carbon in this biomass is estimated to be 643 MT,” said Dean, School of Biological Sciences S Senthil Kumar who was part of the study. Among the species, 55 per cent of the total biomass is contributed by Neem (23%), Terminalia arjuna also called Ashoka (12%), Entrolobium saman (11%) and Albizia lebbeck, also called flame of forest (10%).