Vince Bulic’s Weekly Lumber Market Wrap: For the week ending May 19, 2017

Vince Bulic is the President of Yaletown Lumber Industries Ltd – a Vancouver based wholesale lumber company specializing in commodity Western SPF products. Vince has 20 years of experience trading Western SPF lumber and enjoys the dynamic nature of the market and analyzing the different factors that influence trading activity. The Weekly Market Wrap is compiled to provide a quick overview of the North American lumber market (both cash and futures) from a Canadian and Western SPF perspective along with a discussion of the markets future potential direction.

Cash: Price cuts drew in buyers this week as SPF mills dropped 2×4 prices into the $370’s to get business flowing. Activity peaked on Wednesday and was notably quieter into the end of the week. Buyers took advantage of lower prices to cover needs, but few stepped in to buy extra “just in case” loads. Once price levels had been established mills focused on selling in an effort the rebuild something of an order file. This week’s activity was the first week of decent volume in SPF in six weeks. US April housing starts and permits were down 2.5%. The Random Length Composite Index fell $11 to $409.


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