Eco-friendly fabric is made from wood fibers

Spinnova, as the company is called, has invented a technology that transforms wood fibers directly into yarn. Why is that a big deal? Well, making apparel is a bit of a nasty business. Gargantuan water consumption can strain natural resources, while chemicals used in the clothing creation process can cause pollution. However, the yarn manufacturing process Spinnova has pioneered reportedly uses 99% less water and 80% less energy than the cotton process. As impressively, the wood fiber method does not require extra chemical treatment of the pulp fiber. And, the yarn is recyclable.

With the Spinnova process, the amount of wood used annually in Finland could reportedly be enough to replace the world’s entire cotton production. Perhaps that’s far-fetched, but if the yarn-making method were to gain major traction, then it could, as FabricLink notes, “revolutionize both the textile and forest industry.”


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