NWTF and LP sign agreement to promote the conservation of forest wildlife habitats

NWTF and LP sign agreement to promote the conservation of forest wildlife habitatsThe National Wild Turkey Federation and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation have teamed up to create an exciting new partnership aimed at promoting active forest management for the health and benefit of the nation’s forests, as well as for the wildlife and people who enjoy them.

Together, NWTF and LP will provide family forest owners and loggers with the information they need to provide quality turkey habitat through the harvesting of trees, which benefits the wildlife while providing timber for manufacturing facilities.

“LP and NWTF share a strong commitment to the health of our forests and the wildlife habitats they provide,” said George Thornton, CEO of NWTF. “This partnership will not only help our forests today but will help for generations to come.”

The memorandum of understanding, signed in Nashville at the 41st Annual NWTF Convention & Sport Show, establishes a partnership for cooperation and collaboration to promote sustainable forest management, particularly in overlapping focal landscapes shared by the NWTF and LP.

“At LP, we are pleased to partner with the National Wild Turkey Federation to further advance sustainable forest management,” said Brad Southern, LP’s chief operating officer. “We are dedicated to ensuring that the forests we procure wood from are responsibly managed to provide vital environmental, social and economic benefits – now and in the future.”

Southern said, “The unique partnership is designed to create value at the local level by promoting awareness among landowners and loggers about the benefits of active forest management for wild turkey habitat. Sustainable harvesting creates openings in the forest and across the landscape that wild turkeys need to thrive, thereby encouraging active management for reasons other than simply timber production.”

The partnership agreement provides a framework for cooperation and collaboration between NWTF and LP’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® certified fiber sourcing operations to:

  • Recognize and support activities that promote active forest management, sustainable wood products and viable forest-product markets.
  • Wise use of forested landscapes to help maintain healthy forests, biological diversity and quality habitat for sustainable wildlife populations.
  • Foster community outreach and educational opportunities to highlight the benefits of responsible forest management and wood procurement throughout the U.S.
  • Promote recreational opportunities for all forest users by encouraging access, quality wildlife viewing opportunities, and general aesthetics.
  • Invest in research, science, and technology related to healthy forests, wildlife habitat, best management practices, landowner outreach strategies, etc.
  • Support fundraising and marketing efforts to raise awareness for wildlife habitat and healthy forests.
  • Share information on pertinent policy/legislative issues and look for ways to coordinate and support mutually-beneficial advocacy efforts, where applicable.

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