Idaho Forest Group and Tri-Pro Forest Products announce custom remanufacturing agreement

Idaho Forest Group and Tri-Pro Forest Products announce custom remanufacturing agreementIdaho Forest Group (IFG) and Tri-Pro Forest Products have entered into a custom remanufacturing agreement whereas Tri-Pro will use its expertise in value added production at its remanufacturing facility located in Oldtown, Idaho to exclusively produce specialty products for IFG. IFG assumes all procurement, inventory, and sales and marketing of all Tri-Pro’s Cedar and Douglas fir product lines.

“This agreement will benefit not only Tri-Pro and IFG but our valued employees and customers. It is an opportunity to increase resources and, in turn, the longevity of the Oldtown facility, says Steve Linton, president of Tri-Pro Forest Products, “Meanwhile, customers will experience the best of what both companies have to offer. We will expand on our product line while utilizing the same expertise in production and remanufacturing we have relied on for over 25 years. This arrangement ensures customers, both in the industry and around the country, continue to receive the high quality products that they have come to know and trust.”

IFG will acquire two of Tri-Pro’s experts, Ron Cluster and Terry Baker, with over 60 years of combined experience in the commodity and specialty Cedar and Douglas fir products. They will continue in procurement, production, sales, and marketing of the vast array of specialty products IFG will now be able to offer.

Idaho Forest Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing Erol Deren says, “IFG and Tri-Pro have an excellent and long-standing working relationship. We are both family owned businesses and make a fantastic fit operationally, logistically and culturally.”

Deren notes, “The addition of their talented and experienced cedar and remanufacturing experts, Ron Cluster and Terry Baker, will propel us into the remanufacturing segment with efficiency we could not have achieved organically.

IFG is already the largest U.S. Cedar producer; however, our array of cedar products was somewhat limited without a full scale remanufacturing operation. This partnership immediately addresses this situation. I am very excited about the increased scale and scope of products we will be able to offer our combined customers.”

Products from this new agreement are available immediately.

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