2 minutes on cross laminated timber that will change your life

As the construction boom continues apace and the value management workshops run through the inevitable deletion of landscaping, the search is seemingly still on for the solutions to our need to build faster and cheaper. Well get this, (spoiler alert) a possible solution has been around longer than we have. It’s timber. Or more specifically, the cross laminated version of it.Okaaaaaaaay. So, why so little timber high-rise then? The ‘old school’ thinkers can skip to the last line*

Good question and I can hear you now. – “Fire! Durability! Fire! Insurance! Financing! Strength! Supply! Fire! Cost! Risk! Infestation! Rot! Aesthetics! Fire! Fire! Fire!”

This humble QS may be an unlikely supporter of timber construction, especially a QS who is under 300 years old, but I’ve done the research (so you don’t have to) and all of the above concerns can be – and indeed have been – addressed through extensive design. You haven’t come across this research? Have you looked? I did and it’s pretty interesting stuff.


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