Is your state using National Forest Products Week to spread our industry’s positive message?

Is your state using National Forest Products Week to spread our industry messageNational Forest Products Week is right around the corner. This week, beginning the third Sunday of each October, is our industry’s time to shine in the national spotlight. Better still, it’s a wonderful opportunity to broadcast our industry’s positive message in that

* our work contributes to healthy forests,
* we make sustainable products that all people benefit from, and
* we help cultivate healthy communities and good-paying jobs.

I believe we can all agree this is a message worth spreading. FBN’s home state of Montana jumped at the opportunity to broadcast that message three years ago when it designated the third week of October as Montana Forest Products Week. Under the administration of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and its hardworking Forest Products Utilization Specialist, Mo Bookwalter, Montana has grown its Forest Products Week event calendar and message outreach each year. Mo and her volunteer team put in 7–9 months of planning to make sure Montanans leave each October with a better understanding of our state’s integrated forest products infrastructure and the benefits to our communities and environment.

Imagine what could be achieved if every state used this same opportunity to spread the word?

We encourage our Montana readers to show your support by attending as many events as you can. You can also follow the Montana Forest Products Week Facebook page, which gives you the latest news and updates (and insightful information about our state’s forest products infrastructure throughout the year).

And to our national readers, please tell us in the comment section below how your state celebrates National Forest Products Week, no matter how modest. This is not a competition, but a collective effort to spread our positive message. We’ve heard that Oregon is really coming on strong, so Beaver State readers please chime in!

Tom Waddell is Forest Business Network’s VP of Marketing & Sales.