Zilkha Biomass Energy breathing new life into idle pellet plant

Two years ago, a new industry came to Dallas County, proposing to produce and ship small pellets of wooden material across international borders from Dallas County.

Titled Zilkha Biomass Energy, the company proposed to compress wooden material into small, black pellets for use in European factories. Zilkha previously made a business out of harnessing wind energy, but this time it was going to produce a product that is literally one of a kind.

The process officially began in 2010 when Zilkha purchased more than $6.2 million in equipment in a bankruptcy sale zilkha_web_02from a facility near International Paper’s Dallas County mill. The facility formerly belonged to Dixie Pellets, which produced a similar product, though Zilkha’s patented black pellet,reportedly produces more energy than a normal wooden pellet and is waterproof.


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