Online resource addresses the utilization of downed timber and woody debris from wind events

Online resource addresses the utilization of downed timber and woody debris from wind eventsThe other day I was busy working on some new website pages for our 2014 SmallWood Conference — I’m the Conference Manager for that event — when Craig Rawlings, FBN’s CEO, forwarded the link to an awesome online resource he had just found on the Wood Education and Resource newsletter. This newly discovered resource is a substantial website from Mississippi State University called Wind Wood Utilization that addresses the “preparation for, response to, and recovery from major wind events and the utilization of downed and damaged timber and woody debris that can be generated.” Although the site isn’t new, it’s new to us. And its comprehensive coverage of natural disaster preparation and recovery is something we felt deserved a plug by our site. We’ve found that wonderful resources can often get buried on the web, so in our minds it’s never too late to let you know about a great tool.

Plus, Craig’s new discovery seemed rather timely under our present circumstances. FBN’s SmallWood Conference in June will have tracks dedicated to natural disaster response and infrastructure protection discussing the very topics this site addresses. And our site is always reporting about some new wind or weather event affecting wildland and urban forestry. (There are several recent articles about ice and wind storms as I write this.) It all seemed like kismet.

I won’t be redundant and list all the features on the Wind Wood Utilization website. However, I do believe you’ll be surprised at the breadth of resources available to landowners, foresters, loggers and other stakeholders on this important topic, just as we were. I hope this tool provides some value to your efforts.


Tom Waddell is Forest Business Network’s VP of Marketing and Sales.