New partnership ensures future for North America’s premier database of wood-to-energy producing/consuming facilities

NEW PARTNERSHIP ENSURES FUTURE FOR NORTH AMERICA’S PREMIER DATABASE OF WOOD-T0-ENEGY PRODUCING-CONSUMING FACILTIESThe U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) today announced a new partnership with three associations representing various segments of the wood-to-energy sector. Under terms of the agreement, Biomass Power Association (BPA), Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), and the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) will join the Endowment and its foundational partner — the USDA Forest Service — in supporting continuation of The database is the most comprehensive accounting of wood-to-energy producing and consuming facilities across North America.

“Wood was the first energy source harnessed to meet human needs,” noted Endowment President & CEO Carlton Owen. “With significant advances in both efficiency and its environmental footprint wood will continue to play an important role in renewable, sustainable and forest-friendly energy needs for generations to come. Using a portion of wood leftover from forest management or removing smaller or defective trees for energy is a great way to enhance forest health, reduce wildfire hazard and improve productivity for private and public forest owners.”

“Energy from wood is one of the most reliable and productive forms of renewable energy available today,” said Bob Cleaves, President and CEO of Biomass Power Association. “By supporting, we are committing to a comprehensive accounting of all power and heat generated by wood, on scales both small and large. Only through efforts like this will we be able to fully understand wood’s contribution to the nation’s economy and energy portfolio.”

“Our organizations joint support of the database recognizes the diverse—but often overlooked–technological applications of renewable biomass energy across the country,” said Joseph Seymour, BTEC Executive Director. “Information gleaned from this project will reinforce our message to policy makers, regulators, and thought leaders that biomass thermal energy is a win for rural communities, energy independence, and job creation.”

Jennifer Hedrick, Executive Director of the Pellet Fuels Institute noted, “PFI is pleased to be working with the Endowment, BTEC, and BPA to support The opportunity to further educate wide-ranging audiences on wood’s use for thermal and power applications will help spotlight its role in meeting our nation’s energy needs.” was created in 2008 by the University of Tennessee (UT) through a grant from the Endowment and several funding partners – USDA Forest Service; Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada; American Forest & Paper Association; and Forest Products Association of Canada.


  1. I became aware of this resource via the presentation by Olga Khaliukova at the PFI conference in Orlando. I look forward to utilizing this information to grow our business and better serve our customers. Olga represented the CRC, Wood2Energy project and the University of Tennessee if a very positive manner.

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