Biomass: The chain of destruction

Our [The Ecologist’s] latest report, Biomass: The Chain of Destruction, just launched at a public meeting in London, includes the first detailed case study of a land-grab linked directly to Europe’s new demand for wood-based bioenergy.

That case study, which was researched and written by Ivonete Gonçalves de Souza (Cepedes) and Winfridus Overbeek (World Rainforest Movement), focuses on the Baixo Parnaíba region of the Brazilian state of Maranhão.

Traditional communities in that region have a long history of living in harmony with the highly biodiverse wooded Cerrado savannah. But for at least the last two decades they have been struggling to defend their lands, first from landowners planting soya and more recently from pulp and paper companies’ eucalyptus monocultures.


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