Beetle-kill pine makes one nice guitar for Jack Johnson and the Climate Reality Project

I was visiting the Facebook page for ShadeFund the other day and came across this engaging video from the Climate Reality Project that I thought readers would really enjoy. The video explores the mountain pine beetle epidemic and musician Jack Johnson and his passion to address climate change. Most importantly, it’s about making something beautiful out of all the destruction.

While the video mistakenly attributes the beetle-kill pine used to make Jack’s guitar as coming from Colorado, it’s actually Montana wood and was donated by Ryan Palma and his crew at Sustainable Lumber Company, a firm based in Missoula, Montana. (Sustainable Lumber Company is a ShadeFund green enterprise.) Mistakes aside, it’s hard to argue with the overall message.

This video and the issue it addresses, to me, strikes a rather nice chord (pun intended) and makes me proud to be in the forest products industry. What do you think?