Private forest owners make significant contribution to U.S. economy, new report shows

Private Forest Owners Make Significant Contribution to U.S. Economy, New Report ShowsThe National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) today released new data confirming the strong value forest owners provide to the U.S. economy. The Economic Impact of Privately-Owned Forest in the United States reveals forest owners support 2.4 million jobs, $87 billion in payroll, $223 billion in sales and 5.7 percent of all U.S. manufacturing. In addition to the full report, NAFO’s interactive U.S. map provides a convenient snapshot of individual state data.

“Private forest owners are a driver of the U.S. economy by providing millions of jobs while producing a broad range of goods and services that improve quality of life in every home and community,” said Dave Tenny, NAFO President and CEO. “Private forest owners are able to provide these substantial benefits because they recognize that responsible management today yields sustainable economic and environmental benefits over the long term.”

The report, conducted by Forest2Market, is an update to NAFO’s inaugural report in 2009. It provides national, regional and state-specific data on jobs, payroll, sales, acreage ownership and contribution to overall manufacturing and gross domestic product. Data is based on 2010, the most recent and complete year for which data is available.


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