BTEC releases new tools on biomass thermal energy for engineers, developers

BTEC Releases New Tools on Biomass Thermal Energy for Engineers, DevelopersThe Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) today announced the official release of two new tools to help manufacturers, project developers, engineers, and architects better understand biomass systems for the commercial building sector. The work is supported by a grant from the Wood Education and Resource Center of the U.S. Forest Service.

“We’ve encountered a surprising lack of understanding of the option to heat and cool buildings with renewable biomass among many building architects and engineers”, said John Karakash, Managing Consultant of Resource Professionals Group and author of the 2010 survey “Architects and Energy Professionals – The Missing Link in Wood Energy”. “The resource library features a comprehensive database on the key questions these individuals have, allowing them to better understand the opportunity for renewable heating,” Karakash added.

The resource library hosts more than 100 documents on a variety of subjects, from technical and financial topics to information on policy, case studies, and health and environment. Each entry features a brief description and a download function, while a list of keywords and full text search provide direct access to documents on a specific issue.

The second feature is a stakeholder document which outlines the individuals and groups of people in a community that project developers should consider when deliberating the development of new projects.

“This stakeholder document is about knowing how to approach key groups. Firefighters, forest owners, and zoning officials can be natural and powerful allies if approached early and with the right information”, stated Joseph Seymour, Executive Director of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council. “Too many projects take much longer than anticipated because the developers overlooked to engage key stakeholders in a community. And a lack of information is the fastest way to inviting opposition. The stakeholder document provides a clear approach on how to avoid such situations.”

These documents are a part of a larger effort by BTEC to develop biomass opportunities in the commercial building sector.

The documents are available at and

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