2013 Hazardous Fuels Woody Biomass Utilization Grant Program

2013 hazardous fuels: Woody Biomass Utilization Grant ProgramThe Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service, State and Private Forestry (S&PF), Technology Marketing Unit, is requesting proposals for wood energy projects that require engineering services. These projects will use woody biomass, such as material removed from forest restoration activities, wildfire hazardous fuel treatments, insect and disease mitigation, forest management due to catastrophic weather events, and/or thinning overstocked stands.

The woody biomass will be used in a bioenergy facility that uses commercially proven technologies to produce thermal, electrical or liquid/gaseous bioenergy. The funds from the Hazardous Fuels Woody Biomass Utilization Grant program (WBU) must be used to further the planning of such facilities by funding the engineering services necessary for final design and cost analysis.


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