Husqvarna hosts first ever ALC-FRA Summit

HUSQVARNA HOSTS SUMMIT FOR FOREST RESOURCES ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN LOGGERS COUNCILLeadership from both the American Loggers Council (ALC) and the Forest Resources Association (FRA) met on December 4th, 2012 at a summit hosted by Husqvarna at Husqvarna headquarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss the many issues that are impacting the timber harvesting industry.

Those attending the meeting that was moderated by Husqvarna’s Gent Simmons included FRA Chairman Tom Norris, FRA Board member Joe Young and FRA President Deb Hawkinson. Those attending from the ALC included ALC President Travis Taylor, ALC Vice President Myles Anderson and ALC Executive VP Danny Dructor.

The focus of the one day summit included sharing thoughts and ideas on those issues that have been deemed most critical for the logging sector of the forest industry in recent surveys including a looming logging capacity shortage, legislative priorities for both organizations, and the opportunities for both organizations to work closer on all of the issues where commonality exists to promote the health and sustainability of the industry.

Following the summit, ALC’s Travis Taylor commented that “this was by far the best meeting that I have had the opportunity to attend where everything was laid out on the table and a plan of action on how to move forward with some of the ideas that were generated during the discussions.” Taylor went on to state, “Follow-up is the critical component of the meeting today, and I intend to make certain that the ALC is working to develop a closer working relationship with the FRA on the issues that both organizations agree on.”

FRA Chairman Tom Norris commented that this was a “Great start to developing strategic alliances for both organizations,” and thanked everyone for their time and the interesting discussions.

Both the FRA and the ALC recognized Husqvarna and in particular Gent Simmons for hosting the meeting and moderating the discussions.

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