Why small diameter timber, biofuels from woody biomass, and wood exports are on our mind right now

Why small diameter timber, biofuels from woody biomass, and wood exports are on our mind right nowThe last quarter of 2012 is just now beginning — and there’s lots left to do to close out the year — but our minds here at Forest Business Network are preoccupied with mid-March of next year and our own Small Log Conference. Living in the future is never a good practice, but so is the life of an event marketer, and we couldn’t be more excited to while away our days outside the present.

Why are we excited about the future of the Small Log Conference? Well, to cut to the chase – our scope, size, and focus areas have gotten so much bigger. I’m proud that the Conference has established a reputation of being North America’s premier event discussing small diameter timber usage. And we’ve done it with participation from the best and brightest minds in the forest products industry; the nation’s largest equipment manufacturers, lumber producers, and timberland owners; collaborative conservation groups; and so much more.

But the question, if not outright challenge, we’ve posed to ourselves for the 2013 event is: What new, integrated opportunities are available to small diameter mills and equipment manufacturers? Enter our two new Conference focus areas: wood-based biofuels and wood exports.

In this challenging new economy, it’s difficult to find more promising opportunities for our core market than the USDA-NIFA’s exciting, new effort to create a viable biofuels industry from woody biomass, and the opportunities offered by international markets hungry for North American wood products. With help from longtime partners such as HewSaw, and new ones including the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance, and the Montana World Trade Center, we’ll ensure our focus areas are tack sharp and that the event does its very best to connect you with the right people, spark business-building ideas, and help grow your business. We’re even prepping to do something you may not see at another event in 2013. Meet us at the Coeur d’Alene Resort next March and you’ll have the opportunity to network with a delegation of international wood product buyers, giving you the connections that may lead to new business in other countries. Yes, you read that correctly — we’re bringing international buyers to you. No jet lag necessary.

This is why we’re excited for the future, and we hope you are too. Look to our email newsletter for more information as it comes available. Mark your calendars. Save the date. We hope you’ll join us in Idaho for a bigger, better, and bolder Small Log Conference in a little over 5 months.