RISI outlines paper pricing changes

Forest products information and media company RISI Inc., Bedford, Mass., has announced that its Pulp & Paper Week publication will serve as the home of Official Board Markets (OBM) paper stock prices starting Oct. 5, 2012.

According to Todd Petracek, RISI vice president of news and prices, RISI’s acquisition of OBM in May of 2012 was followed by discussions with readers and internal research to determine the best way to combine the long-time pricing models offered by both Pulp & Paper Week (known as PPI pricing)and OBM (also known as The Yellow Sheet).

“We are going to integrate OBM into Pulp & Paper Week,” says Petracek, who indicated subscribers of both publications will receive the newly combined periodical. “There will be a transition period for three months, October through December, when readers will see one page with PPI prices and one page with the OBM prices.”


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