Restoration forestry: An in-depth report

Restoration Forestry - an in-depth reportThe term “restoration forestry” is thrown around quite a bit these days. While it’s used broadly, there doesn’t seem to be any quintessential definition for it, let alone a “map” of all it encompasses – skills needed, best practices, stackable credentials, available training programs (in Montana), etc.

Forest Business Network and The Beck Group were fortunate to get a contract with Eureka Rural Development Partners in Eureka, Montana to help them in clarifying this term via an in-depth report, which ultimately gave us a sharper focus on the issue as well. The report building process involved interviews with industry folks and academia to come up with our definition on restoration forestry and what it entails for the industry.

I believe you’ll find our report an interesting and informative read. Click here to view it now. (PDF)

Craig Rawlings

Craig Rawlings is the president & CEO of Forest Business Network and has 30 years experience in the forest products industry as an entrepreneur and technical consultant. He can be reached by calling 406.240.0300 or by using our contact form.


  1. Hi Craig:

    This is a topic near and dear to my heart: in my youth I owned a reforestation company that did about 80,000 acres of successful forest restoration projects over a 20-year period; when the spotted hoot owl entered the market, I went back to college and got my PhD in the landscape-scale study of historic prescribed fires and wildfires. Since then I have been researching and documenting nearly 2,000,000 acres of western Oregon forestland history and current comparing them to current conditions.

    Here is what I recently wrote on this topic (the editing is a little rough, and the last two words of the document — “is now” — was left out), that I think you will find of interest:

  2. Yow! I must have hit something on my keyboard that posted my comments before I could past this link:

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