Forest Concepts licenses WoodStraw® production from beetle-kill trees to Colorado company

Forest Concepts Licenses WoodStraw® Production from Beetle-Kill Trees to Colorado CompanyMountain Pine Manufacturing, located in Steamboat Springs, CO, will be producing the engineered mulch from the tremendous supply of beetle-kill pine in the area, and in doing so will be making an environmentally friendly use of the trees while creating jobs in Routt County.

Trent Jones, President of Mountain Pine Manufacturing, said, “It makes perfect sense to convert beetle-kill trees into an engineered mulch that will promote regeneration of new living trees. WoodStraw® historically produced from Douglas-fir has already been used on projects in Colorado such as the Fourmile Canyon Fire near Boulder. The only difference between the WoodStraw® provided by Forest Concepts in past years, and Mountain Pine Manufacturing’s new engineered mulch is that it is now available from beetle-kill pine. We are extremely excited about working with Forest Concepts to bring new industry to Steamboat Springs, and to help answer Colorado’s beetle-kill epidemic.”

Forest Concepts, a small business located in Auburn, WA, developed the engineered wood-based mulch with assistance from the USDA SBIR Program and the Forest Service, which they trademarked WoodStraw®. Forest Concepts owns US patent 6,729,068, ENGINEERED WOOD-BASED MULCH PRODUCT, which expires on August 21, 2022. Since June 2006 at their facility near Seattle, Forest Concepts has produced more than 14,000 tons of WoodStraw® used on projects in the forest service, BLM, national parks, state, county and city DOTs and parks. WoodStraw® is approved for use by the Washington State Department of Ecology, WS DOT, OR DOT and ID DOT and has been used on more than 30 post-wildfire projects to protect critical areas from erosion.

About WoodStraw® Engineered Wood-based Mulch:

Our patented WoodStraw® ECM is manufactured (recycled) from “green” industrial grade veneer and has been proven to be:

  • An effective water & wind erosion control
  • 100% weed and seed-free
  • Chemical and herbicide free
  • Resistant to high winds
  • Minimizes dust-PM10 (USFS recent publication)
  • Long lasting for 4 or more years
  • Does not require staples or tackifiers
  • Promotes revegetation (BLM 3 year report)
  • Easily applied by hand, blower or helicopter
  • Durable-can be walked or driven on
  • Successful use on slopes up to 70%
  • Animals will not eat it
  • Attractive and ecologically preferable

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