Pyrolysis of woody biomass fact sheet available for download

Pyrolysis of woody biomass fact sheet available for downloadGareth Mayhead of the Center for Forestry at the University of California Berkeley recently attended the 2012 Smallwood Conference and moderated a panel on the topic of pyrolysis.

Just the other day he posted a summation of his panel and the conference on a University of California website which may be of interest to readers. He specifically had this to say on pyrolysis, in addition to including a link to a new pyrolysis fact sheet:

There is currently significant interest in pyrolysis due to the range of potentially useful products that could be made from forest biomass. However, this is still an emerging technology and it may be years before some of the technologies and products become a reality.

We have recently written a fact sheet on pyrolysis which is available for download if you wish to learn more. It is currently in a draft form awaiting review. I would be grateful to receive comments on it.

Comments can be left below or on the UC website at the bottom of Gareth’s post.

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