USFS needs your input: A brief survey about your experience with the Coordinated Resource Offerings Protocol

USFS needs your input - A brief survey about your experience with the Coordinated Resource Offerings Protocol copyThe United States Forest Service requests that you please take a few minutes to complete a very brief survey about your experience with the Coordinated Resource Offerings Protocol (CROP).

It should take far less than 10 minutes to complete, and all responses are confidential. Your responses will inform future recommendations for whether to continue CROP and if so, identify needed improvements or discontinue the program altogether. (A formal request for your participation will be arriving soon from the Office of the Chief.) You will find this survey to be very straightforward and brief.

Click here to complete the survey.

Excerpt from briefing paper:

For the past six years, the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, States, Tribes and other public lands have been implementing the Coordinated Resource Offering Protocol (CROP) feedstock supply study. CROP was created as a tool to help business and financiers shorten the due diligence time and costs typically required in making a fully informed assessment of wood supplies. More importantly, assimilating feedstock data that accurately presents both current and future feedstocks reduces the risk of uncertainty. Addressing these key components of due diligence, the CROP program was intended to accelerate the advancement of forest industry development with faster, less expensive and reliable assessments critically needed by financiers.

The Forest Service (FS) has completed 20 CROP evaluations across the United States. There is a need to evaluate the effectiveness of CROP as a planning tool. A CROP evaluation team will be conducting a review that will include interviewing both the data providers and the information consumers to gain insights into the effectiveness and utilization of the tool. The Maryland State Forester’s Office will be partnering with the FS in providing lead staff to gather and analyze the data.

Please share this request with Forest Supervisors, District Rangers, and unit leaders who provided information into a CROP marketing study. For further information about the CROP Marketing Study, please contact Ed Gee, Forest Management staff, 202-205-1787.

Thank you for your help! Please, feel free to contact me should you have any questions about completing the survey.

Daniel R. Rider
Supervisor, Forest Stewardship & Utilization
Maryland DNR Forest Service
(410) 260-8583
(410) 440-0647 cell


  1. Dan Rider says:

    Thanks for posting this. We would especially benefit hearing from the private sector. We have specific questions geared towards industry users.

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