Driving business growth and innovation at the Smallwood Conference

Driving business growth and innovation at the Smallwood ConferenceI’m currently at the Smallwood Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. I hosted a panel discussion today titled “High Temperature processing and opportunities” that went very well. The attached photo shows Jennifer Hedrick, CEO of the Pellet Fuels Institute, answering an attendee’s question after the panel concluded. What with over 200 attendees, and with the excellent speakers on my panel and on others, this is turning out to be yet another excellent Smallwood Conference.

If you’ve never been to either the Smallwood Conference, or FBN’s own Small Log Conference, these events bring together many of the top minds in the industry for second-to-none idea gathering and networking. Take my friends Steve and Denise Levine for example. They took information they gleaned from the Smallwood Conference in 2003 and used it to create a California company that distributes biodegradable alternatives for styrofoam food containers and packaging. Their company grew to a $13 million success before they sold it not too long ago. The Levine’s are with me at this year’s conference to mine ideas for starting yet another venture—converting woody biomass and creating products from the wood resources on their property.

From starting a new business, to expanding existing ones and growing revenue streams, these conferences have a strong track record for driving innovation and profitability in the forest products industry.

The next Small Log Conference is March 13-15, 2013 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where we’ll be exploring more ideas in small diameter timber harvesting, forest health, new business opportunities, international trade, wood-based biofuels and much more. This is one conference to keep on your radar as our top-tier committee creates the event’s exciting agenda throughout the rest of this year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Craig Rawlings

Craig Rawlings is the president & CEO of Forest Business Network and has 30 years experience in the forest products industry as an entrepreneur and technical consultant. He can be reached by calling 406.240.0300 or by using our contact form.

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