Tools you can use for your forest operations

Tools you can use for your forest operationsI was recently made aware of an excellent internet resource that’s worthy of pointing out. The U.S. Forest Service’s Southern Research Station has developed some free spreadsheet applications that can help you in your forest business operations, and they’ve made them available for download on a handy ‘Tools‘ page on their site.

They even link to the biomass green ton converter we have posted on this site, which I worked with them on developing some years back.

Here’s a list of the tools with the research station’s own descriptions underneath:

Forest Residues Transportation Costing Model

A spreadsheet calculator designed to help you compare alternative methods of moving biomass from a forest to wood-using facility.

General Ground-Based Harvesting System Analysis

Excel spreadsheet for estimating total system cost based on stand characteristics, felling, skidding, processing, loading, roads and hauling, and operational factors.

Green Ton Converter

A web application allowing conversion between $/green tons and $/dry tons. This converter was developed in cooperation with Forest Business Network and is hosted on the Forest Business Network website.

Machine Rate Calculator

A spreadsheet template to analyze system balance, production rates, and costs.

You can access these handy tools by clicking this link.

Craig Rawlings

Craig Rawlings is the president & CEO of Forest Business Network and has 30 years experience in the forest products industry as an entrepreneur and technical consultant. He can be reached by calling 406.240.0300 or by using our contact form.

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