Research into Reuse

Christine Lee, a California-based artist and designer, first met Forest Products Laboratory engineer John Hunt when she was an artist-in-residence in the University of Wisconsin Art Department’s wood program. Since then, their partnership has proven that great things can happen when art meets science.

Lee’s art often aims to reveal the hidden potential in discarded materials. While at the University of Wisconsin, she wanted to take the idea of reuse one step further, creating a work of art from waste materials and then using the waste from her art project to create yet another product.

Lee was familiar with FPL’s work, and Hunt seemed a natural fit for partnering, as much of his research revolves around using waste material as well. Working with material ranging from recycled cardboard to cow manure, there is certainly an element of creativity to his research, and Hunt was interested in seeing what an engineer and an artist could come up with together.


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