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Eureka Rurual Development PartnersEureka Rural Development Partners has received funding through the Montana State Workforce Investment Board and the Montana Community Development Block Grant-Economic Development Planning program for Restoration Forestry Training development.

Funding from the two programs will be used to:

– Determine skill sets for employment within Restoration Forestry,
– Connect with activities being completed on Forestry Restoration Workforce at the University of Montana,
– Create a best practice manual for employer training program development,
– Develop a “one stop” list for all Forestry based training programs available in the State of Montana and,
– Write a Recommendation whitepaper on stackable credentials for the State of Montana inthe wood/forestry industries.

ERDP is requesting proposals from qualified consulting firm(s) for the above work. The timeline for the work is January 2012-May 2012 with specific timeline goals to be set and accomplished upon hire.

  1. Interested consulting firms must complete a proposal following the outlined criteria.
  2. Cover letter addressed to Eureka Rural Development Partners outlining experience and reasoning why ERDP should hire the firm or individual
  3. Experience of the firm/individual completing the proposal
  4. Experience of similar consulting work within and outside of the Forestry industries; this should include knowledge of key players within Montana Forestry Industry
  5. Ability to accomplish the work within the above mentioned timeframe
  6. Working knowledge on Federal and State funding opportunities specifically requirements of the Montana CDBG-ED planning program
  7. Ability to spend time within Eureka area and work with ERDP’s forestry staff

Letters of Reference from at least three individuals/companies that the firm or individual has consulted for within the last three years. The References should be in letter format addressed to ERDP and include contact information for follow up.

All proposals must be returned to Eureka Rural Development Partners Office at #2 Dewey Avenue (Historical Village), Eureka, MT 59917 by 4:00pm on Feb. 1st, 2012.

If mailing proposals mail to:

Eureka Rural Development Partners
Restoration Forestry Training
PO Box 1951
Eureka, MT 59917.

All mailed in proposals must be received by 4:00pm on Feb. 1st, 2012. Postmarked, emailed and faxed proposals will not be accepted. Any non-completed applications will not be reviewed.

All Proposals should follow the above criteria. The proposals should be no longer than 15 pages plus attachments if required. Examples of attachments would be business plans, quotes, financials etc.

The packet should include 1 original and 3 copies. Copies should be hole-punched and bound with an appendix outlining any attachments.

For questions please contact Tracy McIntyre at Eureka Rural Development Partners at 406-297- 7374 or email at

Selection of awardees will be based on the entities response to the above criteria.

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