Log exports: the controversial economic driver

Never has a positive economic driver in the BC economy suffered so much negative publicity as has log exports. Some support the notion of selling a manufactured log to a country that can then use it to make wood products, while others believe that all logs should be processed locally and in doing so create jobs and improve the BC economy.

It is hard to argue with the later position and you would be hard pressed to find anyone in BC who does not support the notion that local jobs are better then foreign jobs. But when producing a forest product that competes in a global economy for buyers, be it logs, lumber pulp or veneer, it is not a simple matter to hope that the buyers show up. Such is the case with log exports.

Over the past couple of years, many coastal mills have had nowhere to sell their products, let alone at a profit and as a result, local demand for logs has fallen. At the same time however, foreign buyers have been hungry for B.C. logs and have paid higher prices for them.


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