ZeaChem sees Boardman as key to biofuel future

In December a Lakewood, Colo., company will uncork an eastern Oregon demonstration plant that it hopes will produce high-quality biofuels cheaply enough to trade on the world market.

Using proprietary technology based on bacteria found in the stomach of termites, ZeaChem Inc. will convert leftover plant materials from local tree, row-crop and wheat farms into fuel at a cash cost currently estimated at about 96 cents per gallon.

“There’s no doubt about it. To make this work, we have to be able to compete with crude oil,” said Jim Imbler, ZeaChem’s CEO.



  1. Will Wiese says:

    Will ZeaChem also be able to make Methanol? That is the classic ‘wood alcohol’. I assume ethanol has a higher selling price for ZeaChem. Would the same amount of cellulose make more methanol or less than ethanol?

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