SPIB Proposed Design Values Available Online

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SPIB Proposed Design Values Available OnlineThe Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) has posted the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau’s (SPIB) proposed design values for visually graded dimension lumber on its website, www.southernpine.com. New links to this information now appear on the home page, leading to all available information related to this much-discussed topic.

On October 7, SPIB announced their submittal of proposed design values, now pending approval by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) Board of Review. Prior to ALSC’s  next meeting – set for January 5, 2012 in Washington, DC – ALSC is soliciting written comments from all interested parties, to be received at least 10 days prior to the meeting. Direct comments to Tom Searles, ALSC President by fax to 301/540-8004, or by e-mail to alsc@alsc.org.

“SFPA is providing this information to all levels of the Southern Pine lumber manufacturing and supply chain, as a service to our members, their customers and the entire industry,” said SFPA President Adrian Blocker.

“These proposed design values from SPIB will help the dialog progress to a better understanding of the process, the data and the impacts on our industry,” he added.

Also from SFPA’s new SPIB Proposed Design Values page, visitors can review news releases with comprehensive background information, plus a collection of updated answers to 30 most frequently asked questions explaining the process, SFPA’s role and impacts of the SPIB proposal.  A link is provided to the current design values that remain effective until SPIB publishes new design values in its Supplement No.9 to the 2002 Standard Grading Rules for Southern Pine Lumber sometime next year.

The last major change for visually graded dimension lumber occurred in 1991 when design values for Southern Pine and other North American species were published based on In-Grade testing of full-size samples of commercially produced lumber. Since 1994, SPIB has conducted an annual resource monitoring program developed in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory (FPL). Although the level established to trigger additional testing was never reached, overall trends in the annual test data suggested a possible shift in the resource mix. These trends, along with anecdotal external information, prompted SPIB to conduct a year-long program of testing and data review. SPIB is the first rules-writing agency to submit new values. Rules-writing agencies responsible for other species are in different stages for evaluating design values.

SFPA does not test lumber or establish design values. SFPA’s primary function is to market lumber products and to help users understand Southern Pine grading rules and design values.

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