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Sinks or stores? World’s forests are key to fight against global warming

In 2013, Slovenian archaeologist Ivan Sprajc hacked his way through a remote jungle on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The modern-day Indiana Jones was on the trail of a huge discovery: a lost Mayan city obscured by centuries of nearly impenetrable forest. It wasn’t the first ancient city unearthed from the jungle: Sprajc found two others in the area the following year, and archaeologists have been discovering Mayan, Incan and Aztecan cities deep in Central and South American jungles for a century or more.


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Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project investments: What are we spending and what is the return on our investment?

CFLRP Projects are a small part of the NFS acreage, but produce outsized results. Taken together, the NFS acreage across the 23 CFLRP landscapes represent about 11.4% of the total NFS lands not in wilderness or roadless area designation. CFLR landscape acreage represents priority acres for restoration treatment to produce ecological, economic, and social outcomes and outputs – and areas where there is high capacity in place to support increased returns on investment.


First U.S. hardwood cross laminated timber project in development

Visionary designer develops first every project for the use of low-grade material in producing hardwood cross laminated timber. Forecasts potential for hardwood CLT in the U.S. construction sector. If Yugon Kim realizes his dream, the new office building or housing complex going up in your city may be made out of large hardwood panels called cross laminated timber (CLT). The technology behind CLT has been used for decades in Europe, and it is just beginning to take root in the United States with softwood CLT leading the way.


Solar-powered cross laminated timber prefab homes for struggling millennials pop up in a single day

An increasing number of people in the United Kingdom make too much money to qualify for social housing, but struggle to afford high rent prices. Prefabricated homes manufactured at the Legal & General Leeds factory could meet housing needs for that group (largely millennials) – and the first houses from the factory recently popped up in the London area. Called LaunchPod, the 280-square-foot homes were ordered by housing association RHP, and were designed by architecture firm Wimshurst Pelleriti.


The West is on fire. Blame the housing crisis

California is on fire again. CalFire, one of the agencies charged with putting those fires out, is tracking upward of two dozen conflagrations up and down the state at the moment—Detwiller, Grade, Bridge, Wall, Alamo, Garza, on and on—ranging in size from a couple hundred acres to nearly 50,000.