A solution for biomass wastewater

Editorial from Herald and News
Photo by Novozymes

In response to Randy Lindsey’s letter in the July 31 Herald and News [Klamath Falls, OR]:

The proposed biomass plant could, in a way, clean wastewater if the following scenario were to be enacted.

A poplar plantation could be planted near the biomass plant location, utilizing the effluent water released from the city of Klamath Falls Waste Water Treatment plant for irrigation, rather than simply releasing the effluent into the river.

The South Suburban Sanitary District could pipe its effluent to the city of Klamath Falls treatment plant, and the city could pump high volumes of influent during storms and other high water events to the lagoons of the South Suburban Sanitary District for storage.

A second poplar plantation could be placed at the future biomass site once constructed.

The biomass plants could utilize the mature poplars in its process or convert them to pulp for sale. Biomass plant personnel could groom the poplar plantations. The South Suburban Sanitary District could also establish a poplar plantation at its location.

A portion of the city wastewater is currently being used successfully by the cogeneration plant to cool their towers. The city is currently augmenting that demand with water from the city Water Department.

Carp ponds could be included surrounding the plantations. The fish could be utilized as food.

Robert Gardner – Klamath Falls