4FRI forest thinning tangles in dispute over tree size

Environmental groups say a forest-thinning project on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon confirms their worst fears about the Forest Service management of the troubled forest thinning contracts.

The festering dispute centers on whether the Forest Service will leave standing huge, old-growth ponderosa pines while using a private contractor to thin the thickets of trees that even environmental groups agree pose a grave danger to both forest health and forested communities.

The issue lies a the heart of the landmark 4-Forests Restoration Initiative, which seeks to thin millions of acres at no cost to the taxpayers by providing private contractors with a long-term contract to cut thickets of small trees — while leaving the big, fire-resistant, old-growth trees standing.



  1. Paul Summerfelt says:

    It’s a shame that neither the author of this article, or this publication, recognizes that the north rim area is not part of 4FRI. The clear purpose of linking the two in this article is simply to attract attention and cause controversy. Both the author and this paper should know better: it appears that by linking the two, the author’s intent is to enflame emotions and damage 4FRI, responsible wood utilization and industry, forest restoration, and community protection. I would urge those truly interested in 4FRI to visit the group’s website (www.4FRI.org) or to become engaged in it’s success.

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